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AP-Project specializes on small-batch production of plastic parts.
One of the advantages of small-batch production is the possibility to fabricate test samples. This method offers the possibility to adjust the part’s design and shape as well as select the most appropriate color and material.
We offer small-batch production using the following technologies:

Prototype 3D printing using SLA or FDM technology:

We can offer printing by laser stereolithography (SLA) using white, black, transparent, rubber-imitating, heat-resistant or impact-resistant photopolymer.
Fused deposition modeling (FDM) using ABS or PLA filaments (various colors), white nylon, carbon filament or black rubber-imitating filament.
3D printing of plastic items using any of these technologies will take 1 day or more depending on the amount and size of parts to be fabricated.

Vacuum casting in silicone molds:

Production of plastic parts in a batch of 1 to 500 using polyurethane imitating the properties of various plastic materials (ABS, PC, PE, PA, rubber).
Several surface finish options are available – matte, gloss, gritty, any RAL color, with or without embedded elements.
Production lead time by vacuum casting in silicone molds is 5 work days or above.

Production using Babyplast mini-IMM:

This technology is suitable for serial production of items weighing up to 36 g in batches of 1000 pcs minimum using various polymers and composite materials.
Apart from such commonly used polymer materials as polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, ABS and PVC – this mini-IMM can fabricate parts using special construction materials with the processing temperature of up to 420°C: polyamide, polycarbonate, polyethylene terephthalate, POM, casting PTFEs.
You will be able to choose the required color from a large variety of dyes.

To get the information on item producibility, price, and production time, please forward your 3D models in STEP or STL format to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Plastic casings

Plastic casings along with other plastic parts can be used as prototypes or within a pilot preproduction batch. AP-Project engineering company deals with production of plastic casings on a by-order basis. We offer attractive prices and use inexpensive materials for tooling.


Services Price
3D Printing from 50 RUB per cm3

Modern by-order production of polymer items as well as plastic housings and boxes is designed to offer them for various industries; therefore, the technology supports complete freedom of design and engineering thought. Containers have a protective function and prevent ingress of dust and moisture into the housing while making a device look like a classy modern gadget. An aesthetically appealing case will naturally attract clients - that is why it is so important to entrust a professional company to fabricate them.



Production of plastic casings on a by-order basis

Our company offers high-quality production of plastic casings on a byorder basis using modern well-proven technologies. You can order the product that will surely reflect high quality of the end product.

Our advantage is our vast experience in production of plastic parts and components, and personalized approach to each order, so that you could choose the plastic that would make your product really stand out from the crowd.
We can produce various plastic parts including:

  • Plastic cases for computers and household appliances;
  • Plastic cases for flow meters, power meters, and other plumbing and electrical equipment;
  • Medical equipment components;
  • Decorative components;
  • Plastic toy parts.

We can offer plastic casings with different degrees of hardness. As a rule, the material is selected based on the anticipated box properties as guided by the client. You can purchase any plastic casing of various sizes and structural complexity; to fabricate them we use prototyping technology and casting in silicone molds. The casings are produced according to the client’s project.

You can buy a readymade plastic casing, but the question is: will it meet all the customer’s requirements? Tailored approach, strict adherence to the customer’s project, and high quality of the obtained result – this is what sets custom casings apart from those standard plastic casings offered in mass production. And though it takes some time from placing the order to receiving the casing, the end topquality result completely pays off.

Interested in ordering plastic casings? Call AP-Project specialists at +7 (499) 703-35-79 or +7 (800) 700-38-41 and they will be glad to offer their services and answer any questions.

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