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Casting in Silicone Molds

Our company is well-experienced in vacuum casting in silicone molds. We can offer both production of copies based on your original part and fabrication of items based on 3D models.

Our advantages:

Complying with the customer’s requirements, we can fabricate items in any RAL color, with different surface finish options (matte, gloss, gritty), and with or without embedded items.

Based on the item’s future operating conditions we will select UV- or heatresistant materials. Polyurethanes imitating ABS properties, PC, PA, PE, or rubber with various hardness properties.

Minimal time required to fabricate items with this technology is 5 work days.

Examples of our works performed by casting in silicone molds:


Part made of rubber-imitating resin with various hardness level (can be used to fabricate gaskets, buttons and flexible parts)

Transparent polyurethane casting with gloss finish (suitable for production of optically transparent parts and lenses)


Matte parts made of heat-resistant material (used in instrument engineering and car industry; smooth even non-shiny surface).


Parts with “gritty” texture made of UV-resistant material (suitable for production of medical instruments; matte and slightly rough surface)

Castings made of ABS-imitating plastic with gloss finish. (even, smooth and shiny surface; suitable for production of casings and/or display samples)



Complex geometry item with embedded parts. Made of material imitating polycarbonate properties (suitable for production of lighting parts, instrument casings).
To order production by vacuum casting in silicone molds please send your 3D models in STL or STEP format, as well as a drawing or a photo with item dimensions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. In your inquiry please indicate the quantity required, color, and surface finish type 

The technology of vacuum casting in silicone molds is used for small batch production (1 to 1000 pcs). Its key advantages are shorter preproduction stage (as opposed to standard tooling, silicone mold production time takes just a few days), and cost reduction of small batch production of plastic parts.

AP-Project is very experienced in implementation of plastic item production projects including silicone injection molding.

We will be glad to offer you our services!


The technology of vacuum casting in silicone molds can be used for:

  • production of complex geometry items;
  • production of parts from materials with various properties, e.g. imitating main plastic types (ABS, PP, PA, PC), rubber-imitating, heat-resistant, and UV-resistant materials;
  • production of parts with embedded elements.

The parts can have different surface finish types (matte, gloss, gritty), and production technology implies the possibility to paint the parts in bulk with any RAL color. Casting in silicone is suitable for parts of any shape, which is an undeniable advantage.

Minimal production time is 5 work days. Plastic casting in silicone molds involves several stages and production time can take more time depending on the part’s complexity.

It is also possible to make a copy of an item based on its physical sample or a prototype.



To get a price quotation for vacuum casting in silicone molds please send us a 3D model (STL or STEP format), as well as a drawing or a photo with item dimensions. You can send a free-form inquiry to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with indication of quantity required, color and surface finish type. We thank you for choosing APProject!

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