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Modern prototype fabrication by rapid prototyping method – is a crucial stage before serial production, which gives an opportunity to detect any design flaws at an early development stage, therefore, avoiding costly redevelopment in the future. AP-Project has been involved in 3D prototyping for a long period of time. The essence of this technology is building a prototype layer by layer according to its CAD model. This technique allows rapidly building a relatively inexpensive model of any internal and/or external geometric complexity.


Services Price
3D Printing from 50 RUB per cm3

Fig. 1 Prototype (with duct tape and inserts)

Our production facilities are equipped with advanced 3D printers; we use only high-quality consumables (polymer, hardener and filler), and our vast experience in 3D printing helps us achieve perfect results in production of test samples and prototypes of any complexity. Each part produced undergoes the finishing procedure, which can be manual, machine, polishing, and/or application of protective or decorative coating. As a result, all traces of layered building approach are eliminated, the surfaces become smooth or textured, as required. On top of that, you can choose surface finish type – gloss, matte, textured or mixed.

Fig. 2. Silicone mold fabrication process

Our services:

  • We offer high-precision fabrication of prototypes with any degree of complexity using different technologies;
  • On a by-order basis we supply professional 3D printing equipment, equipment for mold polishing and repair, as well as chillers and stamp and mold components;
  • We offer engineering services (design, 3D modeling, development and production of parts, products and structures, etc.).

Fig. 3 Casting obtained in silicone mold

Fabrication of dummies and prototypes on a 3D printer has a high speed advantage. And high copying precision made production of plastic housings one of the most popular services we offer.

Fig. 4. Finished piece

To order prototype fabrication on a 3D printer you can just call us at +7 (499) 703-35-79 or +7 (800) 700-38-41, and AP-Project specialists will clarify any production details and order dates.

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