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Equipment for Casting in Silicone Molds

Such process as casting in silicone molds is often used in modern production to fabricate a small number of plastic parts, e.g. as a pilot sample. AP-Project not only offers casting in silicone molds, but can also supply the equipment required for this process, i.e. vacuum casting machines, vacuum mixers and dryers.

Equipment for Casting in Silicone Molds:

Model AP-Project 550 Vacuum Casting Machine AP-Project 650 Vacuum Casting Machine AP-Project 850 Vacuum Casting Machine
Voltage 380 380 380
Dimensions (LxWxH), mm 1250х760х1650 1350х760х1780 1650х1000х1780
Chamber size (LxWxH), mm 550х500х450 650х600х550 850х750х800
Vacuum pump characteristics 0.75 kV, 25 m3/h 1.5 kV, 60 m3/h 3.0 kV, 100 m3/h
Vacuum, kPa -97 -97 -97
Max fill weight, kg 1-1.5 2.5 2.5
Power, kW 1.5 2 3.5
Weight, kg 480 540 960


Model AP-Project 1000 Vacuum Casting Machine AP-Project 1200 Vacuum Casting Machine AP-Project 1200+ Vacuum Casting Machine
Voltage 380 380 380
Dimensions (LxWxH), mm 1800х1100х1780 2100х1200х1850 2100х2100х1850
Chamber size (LxWxH), mm 1000х800х780 1200х950х820 1200х950х820
Vacuum pump characteristics 4.0 kV, 150 m3/h 4.0 kV, 150 m3/h 4.0 kV x 2, 150 m3/h x 2
Vacuum, kPa -97 -97 -97
Max fill weight, kg 2.5 5 8.5-10
Power, kW 4,5 4,5 10
Weight, kg 1200 1800 3500

Vacuum casting machine description:

  • Ease of use combined with easy maintenance. Casting speed can be adjusted.
  • Siemens LPS Control operating system. Human-machine interface with auto and manual mode.
  • Steel frame chassis. The door has a glass window.
  • Magnificent design
  • Great throughput
  • Display and digital vacuum meter
  • Pneumatic drives
  • Automatic elevators
  • Adjustable lighting

The equipment for vacuum casting is widely used in mechanical and instrument engineering, as well as in many other industries.


Model AP-Project 500 Dryer AP-Project 1000 Dryer
Input voltage, V 380 380
Chamber size (LxWxH), mm 800х650х600 1000х800х1000
Temperature range, °C 0-200 0-200
Tolerance, °C ±3 ±3
Power, kW 6 8

Dryer description:

  • 6kW of power.
  • 4 rollers at the base for greater mobility.
  • Integrated timer.
  • Temperature adjustment feature.
  • Temperature tolerance within 2°C.
  • Uniform heating, hot air circulation.


Model Vacuum mixer
Power requirements 380 В, 370 Вт
Dimensions (LxWxH), mm 640х840х900
Vacuum pump characteristics 0.75 кВ, 21 м3/ч
Vacuum, kPa -97
Max fill weight, kg 10-15
Weight, kg 100


Rapid prototyping technology implies the use of silicone molds obtained by filling the box containing a master model with liquid silicone resin. Prior to mixing and further use of dual-component silicone compound it must undergo the degassing process to remove any air from the mixture and avoid bubble formation on visual surfaces of silicone molds.

Examples of parts and products made with this equipment:

To order the equipment please forward your inquiry to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The casting technology allows obtaining parts of any design and size. What makes the process even more appealing is the fact that there is no need in fabricating costly metal elements to obtain high-quality silicone molds, and silicone molding tools are times cheaper, which ultimately leads to substantial reduction of product costs. On top of that, vacuum machines are capable of producing any type of plastic or silicone with minimal time input.

Pressure casting in silicone molds

Pressure casting in silicone molds allows creating plastic parts with minimal costs. The technology of casting plastic filaments in silicone molds offers the possibility to timely modify the sample before the main batch is produced.

And while the main batch is being cast you can simultaneously conduct certification procedures with pressure-cast silicone parts and study the customer attitude towards the product.

If you decided to establish your own silicone mold production facility, we can help you in a number of ways:

  • supply professional equipment for silicone casting made by WingsTechnology, the company we’re cooperating with for over 5 years;
  • conduct training sessions for your personnel on the process of casting in silicone molds;
  • perform equipment servicing;
  • arrange supply of consumables.

Our experts have mastered the technology of pressure casting in silicone molds to the finest detail, as well as 3D printing human figurines.. We thoroughly control the quality of plastic and silicone products during production.

If you require casting in silicone molds, you can order our services on favourable terms. Please call us at +7 (499)703-35-79 or +7 (800)700-38-41 – we promise you won’t regret it!

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