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Tol cilindricheskiy 1

Cylinder pins

tol stupenchatiy 2

Shoulder pins

tol ploskiy 3

Ejector blades

tol trubchatiy 4

Ejector sleeves

tol gibkiy 5

Flexible ejectors

tol dyuymovie 6

Inch return pins



tol pod zakaz

Custom pins


Generaltechnicalinformationand pin hardness data


Our recommendations:

Please do not use silicone sprays (silicon grease) for lubrication of pins and molds. These compounds are not intended for such use. We often hear about pin wear and damage, and in most instances the root cause is wrong lubricant choice.

We strongly recommend using professional chemical agents and lubricants for pins and molds. DME product rangeincludes 100% synthetic lubricants for high-load units and pins, both in aerosol fluid and viscous grease forms. The most popular ones are C167 available in 500 ml spray cans and C168 paste in 150 ml cans — these ones are multipurpose and can be used forlubrication of any mold and/or stamp parts. For casting food and household items we can offer food-grade lubricants — C138 in 500 ml spray cans and C139 paste in 150 ml cans.

For many years we get only positive feedback from our customers on DME lubricants and preservatives confirming substantial decrease in component wear and significantly reduced failure rate. Now our clients are spreading the word among their partners and colleagues on how multiple problems can be avoided by simply using professional-grade compounds..

To remove signs of wear as well as old grease during mold disassembly or repair we recommend using oilcutting agents C120 grease solvent available in 500 ml spray cans. This volatile liquid degreasing agent is capable of removing persistent and viscous deposits of old lubricants as well as any traces of corrosion preventing agents. It can wash the grease out of any narrow gaps and apertures. Use only clean cloth and fabric for cleaning polished surfaces, or alternatively, refrain from using any fabric at all and wash the compounds and contaminants away using aerosol spray only.

Such a delicate cleaning can help you preserve the mirror gloss of your mold for a long period of time.


To protect your mold, pins and any other parts from corrosion use DME Mold Saver corrosion preventive compounds: C100 — express, and C106 — for long-term storage in adverse conditions (high humidity, draught, cold warehouse, etc.) from our practice and according to client feedback, without such protection signs of corrosion manifest on molds already after 10 hours of exposure to adverse conditions, and after 2 hours focal corrosion of shape-generating surfaces can develop, which will require re-polishing.

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