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3D Printers

3D printer is a machine used for building a physical object using its 3D model created in any 3D modeling software. APProject offers competitive prices for 3D printing services in Moscow and other cities across Russia.


Services Price
3D Printing from 50 RUB per cm3

3D printers help minimize the time required to build an item based on its digital counterpart. 3D printers can build the end product in a matter of hours without additional tooling costs or any machining involved.

Given the current level of competition in various market segments, the speed of new product launch is often the key to success. Modern 3D printers can be instrumental in production of one-off pilot samples as well as small and extra small product batches.

High-quality 3D printers are affordable for everyone

3D принтеры3D принтеры3D принтеры

Owing to the efforts of Beijing Tier Time Technology developers 3D printers are now affordable for a broad spectrum of different production levels. Their application is justified both in industry and private sector.

Key features of Beijing Tier Time Technology 3D printers:

  • High level of building process automation ensures high precision and quality of the prototype obtained.
  • Compact size and operational independence of technological processes allows using these 3D printers even in most Spartan conditions.
  • Beijing Tier Time Technology equipment does not require continuous monitoring by its operator. The building process is controlled automatically. The only things the operator has to do are to prepare the equipment before the start and take the product when the building process is over.

Bring your idea to life in a couple of hours

3D printers by Beijing Tier Time Technology Co., Ltd can easily cope with the tasks of designers in car industry, aviation, electronics, household appliances and medical equipment, consumer goods, and other industries. Owing to high building speed a customer can get the prototype built just in a couple of hours.

Consistent elimination of any design flaws both at mathematical modeling stage and during prototype assessment will help avoid costly errors and failures during new product launch.

Along with that 3D printers open new horizons for marketing:

High speed of building new models coupled with relatively low costs can give you an edge over your competitors and attract client attention by demonstrating new products under development.
Production of small batches of promotional items for advertising and product presentations.
Small-scale serial production of exclusive items.
Fabrication of products that cannot be obtained by any other means.

Besides, prototypes allow polishing the process technology and production stages for new product launch..
As opposed to conventional methods, 3D printers will let you avoid a considerable amount of manual labor, e.g. in 3D printing of mockups. 3D printing incorporates the "get what see" concept.

This offers the possibility to simulate operation of whole mechanical systems, study their performance and interaction between their components.

How do 3d printers work?

The prototypes are built in 3D printer by layered application of molten polymer according to the geometry of the digital model in certain format.

3D printers by Beijing Tier Time Technology Co., Ltd are working with models in STL format.

The prototype fabrication process is fully automated. The equipment is supplied with the software that will minimize preparation works.

What this software does:

  • selects optimal building area;
  • breaks down the digital model into layers;
  • generates print head route;
  • generates any supports required for overhangs;
  • controls the building process

To make our clients believe in Beijing Tier Time Technology equipment we are ready to fabricate a test prototype according to your digital model.


3D printer specifications:

3D Printers
Build area 150х200х200 mm 150х200х250 mm 255x255x310 mm 255х290х320 mm
Layer thickness 0,15 - 0,35 mm 0,15 - 0,35 mm 0,15-0,4 mm 0,10 - 0,4 mm
Build speed 5cm3/h - 60cm3/h 5cm3/h - 60cm3/h 5cm3/h - 60cm3/h 5cm3/h - 60cm3/h
Material ABS
Build precision 0.2mm/100mm
OS Windows 7, Vista, XP
Power specifications 220-240V, 1.5KW 220-240V, 1.5KW 220-240V, 2KW 380V, 6KW

Market positioning of 3D printers by the manufacturer:

S-series – small dimensions, low noise, no emissions of adverse substances. Can be used even in office space:

  • INSPIRE S200 - inexpensive 3d printer with sophisticated control system.
  • INSPIRE S250 - 3d printer with increased build height.

D-series – production of models with increased durability:

  • INSPIRE D255 3d printer for fabrication of test prototypes capable of withstanding function tests.
  • INSPIRE D290 3d printer with increased build area for fabrication of test prototypes capable of withstanding function tests.

Beijing Tier Time Technology Co. Ltd. Agency

AP-Project is an official representative of Beijing Tier Time Technology Co., Ltd in Russia. Outstanding equipment capabilities and high build quality were noted multiple times by our customers.

Our specialists passed extensive training and are ready to consult you on technical and practical aspects of 3D printer use. We do not only sell the equipment by Beijing Tier Time Technology Co., Ltd., but also perform commissioning, personnel training, warranty servicing, and supply consumables.

We offer 3D printing of any models on a by-order basis

If you need just several pieces of some item, a more economically expedient way is not to purchase a 3D printer but to use 3D printing services. AP-Project can offer you such service; our highly-skilled personnel will fulfill your order in a prompt manner and with high quality..

Production of one-offs is way cheaper using 3D printing services compared to any conventional production methods. Coupled with high production speed, this variant is very attractive for product presentations and advertising campaigns.

If you need 3D printing services in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, N. Novgorod, Samara or Kazan, and you are looking for adequate prices and professional approach – call us at +7 (800) 700-38-41 and place your order.

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