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Engineering Services and 3D Scanning 

AP-Project offers engineering and 3D scanning services as well as 3D model development based on your drawings. 3D scanning is widely used in healthcare, industrial design, production of promotional merchandise, jewelry, etc.


The package of 3D scanning services includes:

  • Scanning advice by our process engineers
  • 3D scanning.
  • 3D model saved in your preferred format (OBJ, PLY, STL).
  • Final model refinement and preparation for 3D printing.
  • Conversion into STP or STEP format, if required.


We scan with RangeVision scanner, with max scan area of 92 x 69 x 69 cm.

  • The starting price for 3D scanning is 5000 RUB, but will depend on the size and complexity of the scanned object.
  • 3D model development time is 3 work days minimum.


The services on 3D model development based on your drawings include: 

  • Expert advice by our process engineers and drawing refinement, if appropriate.
  • 3D model development in CAD system.
  • 3D model saved in your preferred format.
  • Preparation of the model for 3D printing.


Our engineering services include: 

  • Scanning the object you provided.
  • Discussion with the designers on what should the final model look like.
  • Scanned model modification and refinement as per customer’s requirements, surface smoothing, texture correction, etc.
  • 3D model saved in your preferred format.





To fabricate this piece the following works were performed:

  1. 3D model was acquired via 3D scanning of an item supplied by the customer.
  2. he obtained 3D model was refined to meet 3D printing quality requirements.
  3. The 3D model was printed using laser stereolithography (SLA)system.
  4. Printing supports were removed and surface matted.





To fabricate this piece the following works were performed:

  1. 3D model was developed, missing gear teeth were restored, and its worn profile was remodeled.
  2. A master model was built using SLA-based rapid prototyping technique.
  3. Parts were fabricated by vacuum casting in silicone molds with an embedded element.



Please forward your orders and price quotation requests to
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Please indicate the preferred 3D model format and attach a drawing or a photo of the relevant part with indication of its dimensions.



3D Scanning




Presently, more than one third of all one-off polymer items in the world are made using injection molding machines. This casting technology is ideal for mass production of complex geometry items, where exact dimensions are crucial. This technology can be applied in various industries, including healthcare, instrument engineering, car industry, furniture, toys, household items, and many more.

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