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Plastic parts design and fabrication services

Since 2009 technical experts of AP-Project offer their assistance in completing production tasks of private customers and companies manufacturing various goods in the fields of car industry, instrumentation engineering, healthcare, electronics, architecture, design, and advertising.


State-of-the–art technologies, advanced production capabilities, pricing flexibility, and personalized approach to each project – cooperation with AP-Project is both profitable and convenient!


  • Item seriesProduction of one-off samples and item series made of various silicon and polyurethane types, including 3D printing
  • Engineering:г Engineering: fast prototyping, design documentation development, and 3D modeling
  • Fabrication of die molds Fabrication of die molds and vacuum casting
  • Поставки оборудования Equipment supply: 3D printers, SLA systems, machinery for casting in silicone molds, equipment for die mold maintenance (polishing and repair), and industrial chillers for water cooling
  • Professional selectionProfessional selection and supply of standard components for stamps, die molds, and hot runners

Possessing a wide network of regional offices, AP-Project is able to timely meet our partners’ demands across Russia, whether they are looking to manufacture top-quality products, purchase special equipment, or acquire professional engineering assistance. Consulting centers are located in Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Samara, and Kazan


  • Professional consulting and technical support at every cooperation stage, including selection of raw materials to match the anticipated operating conditions of the future product
  • Expert control of the production cycle
  • Prompt production of any product batch, as required (from one item upwards)
  • Compliance with the deadlines and contractual obligations
  • Liberal pricing


The customer should forward a free-form request, containing the following data, if available:

  • Drawings and 3D files in STL or STEP format
  • Drafts, including hand-drawn, or photos of the item with indication of its weight and other parameters
  • Batch size
  • Raw material
  • RAL color
  • Surface texture (gloss, matte, shagreen effect)
  • Any items to be embedded
  • Operational requirements: temperature limits, specific operational features, etc.


Fast Prototyping

AP-Project offers fast prototyping services for various items with wide range of operational capabilities. Our innovative technology has multiple advantages and allows to promptly visualize the design, rectify any flaws early at the development stage, and create the product with perfect parameters.

Along with our hi-tech production capabilities, our design department offers a wide range of engineering services, including consulting and development of project design documentation for product prototyping. Personalized approach to each client implies the possibility to order any batch size (from one item upwards), personalized price on all our services, and timely task accomplishment.


3D Printing

Modern 3D printing technologies allow AP-Project customers to promptly incarnate their vision in physical models with ideal operational and visual parameters. Various polymers, plastic and pulverous components are used as raw materials, selected according to the customer’s demands and as per expected operating conditions of the future product.

Despite the relative novelty of this technology, its rapid expansion and evolvement ensures affordability of 3D printing, which is widely used in architecture and landscape design, healthcare, promotional advertising, merchandise production, and many more.


Prototype Fabrication

AP-Project offers a broad spectrum of options for prototype fabrication using RP technology, which allows avoiding extra costs via early detection of any flaws in the product design or structure during the design phase.

Prototype fabrication using 3D printer allows promptly acquiring cheap complex geometry items, which are flawlessly identical to the CAD model. To achieve the best production results we use innovative equipment and top quality consumables, coupled with our multi-year experience and best practices in the field of model and prototype production.


Plastic Housing

AP-Project offers unlimited possibilities for production of plastic housing and other protective elements. We can supply you plastic boxes of any size, geometry and design, made by casting in silicone molds or by prototyping – the world renowned technologies, which ensure ultimate quality of the end product.

Our vast experience in production of individual plastic containers helps us to design and manufacture inexpensive custom products in a competent and professional manner, including electronics housings, medical equipment parts, décor elements, toys, etc.


Casting in Silicone Molds

AP-Project can provide a complete work package on casting pilot items or small batches in silicone molds or supply all the necessary equipment for independent implementation of the manufacturing process.

Modern technologies for casting in silicone molds lift the restrictions on the size and shape of the end product. This method will be perfect for test model fabrication prior to full-scale production. Great performance of vacuum casting machines ensure high casting speed and decrease the cost of the product.

In addition to hi-tech equipment delivery, we also offer personnel training, equipment servicing, and can deliver the relevant consumables anywhere in Russia.


Air-cooled Chillers

Efficient performance of air conditioning and climate control systems is impossible without a modern air-cooled chiller – the machine used to control the temperature of liquids. This machine is also used for various industrial applications, including engineering industry, metal fabrication, chemical and food industries.

AP-Project is proud to be the official representative of the oldest Italian chiller manufacturing company EUROKLIMAT SpA. We guarantee availability of air- and water-cooled chillers as well as different low-temperature units on stock in Moscow and we can deliver them anywhere in Russia. We also offer equipment selection and consulting services, startup and commissioning, warranty and post-warranty maintenance.



AP-Project supplies standard components for die molds – we offer pins made by D-M-E both in imperial and metric standards. During operation these elements are exposed to maximum loads and frequently require replacement. We offer nitrided steel pins, which have a longer service life, thus assuring longer uninterrupted equipment operation.

AP-Project’s regional offices in Moscow and other big cities across Russia always have complete range of pins on stock and ready for shipment anywhere in Russia and offer favorable prices for other stamp and die mold components.




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